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© 2017 Natalie Elizabeth Photography + Design | info@NatalieElizabeth.co | Denver, Colorado 



Let's get the record straight ...
You know you're my friend when I smack your butt or call you "hoochie".
Brunch without mimosas is a sad little breakfast.
My cooking is so awesome, even the smoke alarm cheers me on.
Recyclables in the trash can is my kryptonite. a
You could call me a photographer, but I'm WAY more complicated than that.
In my "real job", I work as a Transportation Planner - I PLAN planning.
The smell of my dog's breath in the morning makes me happy.
I'm the weirdo that butchers lyrics and believes I was a rapper in another life

 At my core, I'm an adventure-loving storyteller who traded the ocean for the mountains.


From years of working in consulting and a Master’s in Planning from Florida State, I spent half my days trying to figure out how to pursue two of my greatest passions, photography + entrepreneurship.


Just a year after moving to Colorado, that’s exactly what I did.

As a self-taught photographer, I use my camera as a tool to explore people and places. Through photography + design, I give my clients’ the ability to communicate in ways that they may never be able to express with words.

See for yourself, check out my collections below. 


// b o n u s

Here's a little back story for you, in case you’re here to find out more about my non-biz life…